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Tæknilegar upplýsingar

Levenhuk Karma BASE 8x32 Binoculars are a small and lightweight optical instrument with roof prisms. They deliver a clear and sharp image and provide 8x magnification. Hiking enthusiasts, natural scientists, and anyone who enjoys walking will love these binoculars. On the one hand, they deliver an excellent image during the daylight and, on the other hand, they do not take up much space in a backpack. Binoculars are perfect as the first optical instrument for conducting observations on open areas.

The prisms and lenses are made of BK-7 glass. The optics are protected with multiple layers of coating that enhances the brightness and contrast of a transmitted image. A wide field of view allows for observing groups of people or animals. In addition, the eyepieces feature larger eye relief and twist-up eyecups. Sharpness is adjusted with the help of a central focusing wheel; additional adjustment is performed using a diopter adjustment ring.

The binoculars are adaptable to a tripod as well.

Tourist binoculars have roof prisms and optics made of coated BK-7 glass
Wide field of view and 8x magnification
Close focus of 3 meters is suitable for observing nearby objects
Suitable for conducting observations with glasses on, adaptable to a tripod
High-strength lightweight plastic body

Eyepiece and objective lens caps
Cleaning wipe
User manual and lifetime warranty

The kit includes