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Levenhuk Nelson 8x42 Marine Monocular is perfect for fans of sea tours, fishing and small boat owners. A compact optical tool has 8x magnification and an aperture of 42 mm. It helps to see remote objects well. This monocular is also excellent for studying close objects; its close focus is 3 m.

The monocular shell has a built-in compass and a rangefinder. There is no dial illumination and thus, we recommend using a compass during the daytime with sufficient natural light. You can calculate the distance to the object with a known size using the rangefinder with a special formula, or calculate the size (height) of the object with a known distance.

You can see the arch dial in the eyepiece. The compass indicates the direction to the object in degrees. Division value is 1°. North is 360°, South is 180°, East is 90° and West is 270°.

The optics are made of high-quality BaK-4 glass. The lenses are fully multi-coated, providing a high quality, bright image even on a nasty day. The waterproof shell is made of plastic. It is filled with nitrogen to prevent the lenses from fogging.

This monocular provides a wide field of view of 120 m at 1000 m distance. Eyepiece diopter adjustment in a wide range is available.

Classic marine monocular with a built-in compass and a rangefinder
A wide field of view and a short distance of close focus

Objective lens cap
Cleaning wipe
User guide and lifetime warranty

We recommend using this monocular with the Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap near water the bright accessory will prevent the optical tool from sinking or getting lost.
The kit includes