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Levenhuk Vegas ED 12x50 Binoculars are a powerful high aperture optical tool with high-class optics. Extra-low dispersion lenses and prisms deliver a sharp and detailed image across the entire field of view, minimize optical aberrations, and feature natural color rendering. The binoculars are impervious to inclement weather and withstand any difficulties faced during hikes or journeys. Levenhuk Vegas ED 12x50 are a perfect choice for a hunter, fisherman, or anyone who enjoys active leisure.

These binoculars feature modern roof prisms and optical elements made of extra-low dispersion ED glass. The external lenses are protected with several layers of coating. The optics allow for observing a detailed and clear image at 12x magnification, examine distant objects even in low illumination conditions (nasty weather, cloudy day, and so on). The optical scheme uses four-element eyepieces of a 23 mm diameter. They significantly improve the image quality.

The binoculars body is made of shockproof and temperature-resistant plastic. Levenhuk Vegas ED 12x50 are unaffected by falling from a small height and abrupt temperature changes. Non-slip surface of the binoculars provides a secure grip. Their body is filled with nitrogen and a transparent harmless gas that prevents the lenses from fogging. Waterproof design allows for using the binoculars during rain. The optics will be safe even if you drop the binoculars into water up to 1.5 m deep for a short period of time.

You can mount the binoculars on a standard tripod.

Binoculars on roof prisms with powerful light gathering optics
Four-element eyepieces of a 23 mm diameter
The optical elements are made of fully multi-coated extra-low dispersion ED glass
The nitrogen filling fully protects the lenses from fogging
Their body is made of durable temperature-resistant plastic
Survive dropping into water up to 1.5 m deep
Adaptability to a tripod (purchased separately)
Stylish design and original gift box

Objectives dust caps
Eyepieces dust caps
Neck strap (45mm wide)
Rigid zip case
Cleaning wipe
User manual and lifetime warranty

The kit includes